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a couple files to make kotti run on Heroku
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create new

  • heroku create --stack cedar
  • git push heroku master
  • heroku addons:add shared-database
  • heroku apps:rename kotti
  • heroku scale web=1
  • heroku ps
  • heroku logs
  • heroku open
  • git remote add origin
  • git push origin master


  • ./bin/pip install --upgrade kotti
  • ./bin/pip install freeze > requirements.txt

start from existing production

  • git remote rename origin heroku
  • git remote add origin

run locally

with pgsql

It seems it needs psycopg2 locally

  • pip install psycopg2
  • PORT=5000 DATABASE_URL=postgresql://dbuser:ultrasecretsauce@localhost:5432/kotti foreman start -f Procfile

with SQLiteP

  • PORT=5000 DATABASE_URL=sqlite3:///Kotti.db foreman start -f Procfile ## persisted
  • PORT=5000 DATABASE_URL=sqlite3:// foreman start -f Procfile ## in memory
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