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Use Boto to create 6 instances, ELB, CF CDN
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WP Science

Create a 6-instance architecture like our current one so we can migrate Science. Like:

AMI OS: Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS
SSH KEY: wp-science-east.pem
Security Group: WP-SCIENCE-EAST (allow ssh, http, https)

AZ=US-EAST-1a      AZ=US-EAST-1b        Instance type

science-app-left   science-app-right    m1.medium (4GB RAM)
science-adm-left   science-adm-right    m1.medium (4GB RAM)
science-db-left    science-db-right     m1.large  (8GB RAM)

Then front with Elastic Load Balancer.

Finally serve via CloudFront CDN targetting the United States.

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