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PHP connector


Maurina is a server side languages console. It was designed to help debug programs that execute on a server by displaying error messages, debug messages, info about sessions, HTTP requests, etc...

It was designed with PHP in mind, because it's the server side language I use, but it can be used with any other programming language since it's just an UDP server that can receive data from any program.

It is written in Qt/C++ and it's free as in free beer and free speech.

You can find detailed info and executable download links at our website

As a teaser you can see below some screenshots and the code that produced them:

Alt text Alt text Alt text Alt text

// Start session and set some values
$_SESSION['USER_ID'] = 25;
$_SESSION['USER_NAME'] = 'User name';

// Set some REQUEST (POST or GET) values
$_REQUEST['param1'] = 'value1';

// Create Maurina instance
$M = new Maurina();

// Send some custom messages
$M->log('Message sent using the log() method.');
$M->log('Another message.');

// Some code that will raise errors
$a = $a / 0;
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