[VSCode] C/C++ must-have highlighter that understands many coding styles and APIs.
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Reloaded C/C++

Extension that replaces the built-in C/C++ tokenizer (grammar) with a custom one that provides more styles than the default one. Use with Reloaded Themes extension that understands everything this tokenizer provides.

The following concepts are provided:

  • It treats C/C++ the same way (no more separate grammar for C, the reason was that H files were always tokenized as C++ anyway, so there was no point of maintaining two grammars).
  • It supports C and C++ keywords and provides styles so these can be highlighted individually (you can highlight inline differently than extern, for example).
  • It recognizes formatting and escaping of C/C++ strings like "%d" and "\n", respectively.
  • It recognizes basic markdown and doxy-style commands in C/C++ comments, both \\ and @ doxygen escapes are recognized.
  • It recognizes common types and constants of standard C library, Windows, Linux, and MAC.
  • It recognizes assert() and YOUR_OWN_ASSERT()-like macros.
  • It recognizes likely()/unlikely() and YOUR_OWN_LIKELY()-like macros.
  • It recognizes IS_ERROR(), SUCCEEDED(), and similar macros for error handling.
  • It recognizes specific patterns in type/variable names, like FirstUppercased, ALL_UPPERCASED, and typename_t, these can be specified in themes and styled differently.
  • It recognizes error constants like libc's ESOMETHING, kErr..., kError..., and ERROR_....
  • It recognizes success constants like noErr, ERROR_OK, kNoErr, kErrorOk, etc...
  • Constants representing success and failure and can be highlighted differently.
  • Many other improvements you may find useful.


  • Reloaded C/C++ 0.1.1+ requires at least vscode-1.9 as the styling in vscode was changed (this extension was updated to support these changes).
  • This extension doesn't provide code assistance, it just provides styles for concepts it understands, however, this extension can be used together with extensions providing code-assistance (just check out extensions that utilize clang for code assistance).
  • This extension should be considered experimental - contributions are welcome.


This extension is based on official VSCode C/C++ tokenizer/grammar (which is based on textmate-cpp tokenizer/grammar), additions are licensed under MIT.