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About Ray

Ray is a Go (Weiqi, Baduk) game engine based on Monte-Carlo tree search without Deep Learning.



  1. 'cd' to the directory which includes 'Makefile'
  2. Type 'make' to compile

How to run

By default settings, Ray will consume 10 seconds each move on a single CPU and require 800MB of memory.


Ray has some options :

Setting the total number of playouts per move (3000 PO/move). Default is 10000.

./ray --playout 3000

Ray plays with time settings 30:00 (1800 seconds).

./ray --time 1800       

Ray runs on 13x13. Default is 19x19 (Maximum is also 19x19). You can ignore it if GTP sends 'boardsize' command.

./ray --size 13         

Ray considers 5 seconds each move.

./ray --const-time 5

Setting the number of threads. Default is 1 (Maximun is 32).

./ray --thread 4

Setting komi value. Default is 6.5. You can ignore this command if GTP sends 'komi' command.

./ray --komi 7.5        

Setting the number of handicap stones for test. This makes Ray ignore komi command from GTP.

./ray --handicap 4      

This makes Ray use subtree if it exist. Default is off. This command saves Ray's remaining time.

./ray --reuse-subtree   

This makes Ray think during the opponent's turn. (Automatically, this command turns 'reuse-subtree mode' on)

./ray --pondering

Setting the number of uct nodes. Default is 16384. If you want to run Ray with many threads and a long time setting, I recommend you to use this command. The number of nodes must be 2^n.

./ray --tree-size

Ray never print Ray's log.

./ray --no-debug        

Ray avoids positional-superko move.

./ray --superko         


Playing with 4 sec/move with 8 threads

./ray --const-time 4 --thread 8

Playing with 1000 playouts/move with 1 threads

./ray --playout 1000

Playing with 16 threads and 65536 uct nodes. Time setting is 30 minutes. Ray thinks during the opponent's turn.

./ray --time 1800 --thread 16 --tree-size 65536 --pondering


Ray is distributed under the BSD License. Please see the "COPYING" file.

Contact (Yuki Kobayashi)