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(ns serverless-rps-clj.core
(:require [ :as json]
[ :as io]
[ :as game-store]))
;; convenience macro for generating gen-class and handleRequest
(defmacro deflambda [name args & body]
(let [class-name (->> (clojure.string/split (str name) #"-")
(mapcat clojure.string/capitalize)
(apply str))
fn-name (symbol (str "handle-" name "-event"))]
`(do (gen-class
:name ~(symbol class-name)
:prefix ~(symbol (str class-name "-"))
:implements [])
(defn ~(symbol (str class-name "-handleRequest")) [this# is# os# context#]
(let [~fn-name (fn ~args ~@body)
w# (io/writer os#)]
(-> (json/read (io/reader is#) :key-fn keyword)
(json/write w#))
(.flush w#))))))
;; Create Game
(deflambda create-game [event]
(game-store/create-game (str (java.util.UUID/randomUUID)) (:email event)))
;; Get Game
(deflambda get-game [event]
(game-store/get-game (:gameId event)))
;; Get Games
(deflambda get-games [event]
(game-store/get-games (:state event)))
;; Join Game
(deflambda join-game [{:keys [gameId email] :as event}]
(game-store/join-game gameId email))
;; Make Move
(deflambda make-move [{:keys [gameId email move] :as event}]
(game-store/make-move gameId email move))
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