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What’s this?

Kobo-commons are helper libraries for Groovy, containing a supplement of standard API, a proposal of new features and so on.

Current features:

  • @Equiv
    • If you annotate fields by @Equiv annotation, you can dynamically generate
      proper equals() and hashCode() using specified fields.
  • String.tr()
    • translation of each character in String
    • This feature contributed to Groovy! Now it’s available with Groovy 1.7.3 or later. If you want to use it with Groovy 1.7.2 or previous, you can still use it with kobo-commons.
  • Object.tap()
    • You can inspect any object transparently by using tap() method with closure. The usage tap is same as equivalents of the method of perl, or ruby.


To use you will need:

To build you will need:


Download the latest jar file from the following:


Just add “kobo-commons-VERSION.jar” you downloaded to a classpath of your products.


Apache License Version 2.0