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This repository contains the open source packages and patches that are used
on the Kobo Reader and Kobo Desktop applications.
documentation/ Some general documentation.
build/ This contains the scripts necessary to create a working
development environment.
config/ This contains the configuration script that Kobo uses to build
Qt for embedded devices.
fickel/ This contains the source code for a daemon process that
dispatches events from iwlib to a named pipe that the Kobo
Wireless Reader listens on.
hw/ This contains the source code for the Linux kernel and U-Boot
used on the family of Kobo Readers.
packages/ This contains the source code for the application stack used
to support to the Kobo Reader and Kobo Desktop applications
patches/ This contains the patches to the packages to get them to
compile on ARM, OS X, Windows, etc..
examples/ This contains Video Poker and Blackjack - the easter eggs
found on the Kobo Reader family.
poser/ This is a small interposing library used to sniff ioctl's.
Kobo used this to reverse engineer some of the Netronix
EB600em API in times when documentation was sparse.
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