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KoBoToolbox is a free & open source suite of tools for field data collection for use in challenging environments.

Pinned repositories

  1. kpi is the (frontend) server for KoBoToolbox. It includes an API for users to access data and manage their forms, question library, sharing settings, create reports, and export data.

    Python 67 99

  2. Our (backend) server for providing blank forms to Collect and Enketo and for receiving and storing submissions.

    Python 82 89

  3. A command-line installer for setting up and running KoBoToolbox on a remote server or local computer, using kobo-docker.

    Python 66 71

  4. The official KoBoToolbox userguide website.

    SCSS 3 2

  5. formpack is a tool used by kpi to parse and repackage survey data for exports, reports, and maps based on different languages available from the form definition.

    Python 7 11

  6. Stack of docker containers to all server-side components of KoBoToolbox (kpi, kobocat, enketo-express).

    Shell 130 145


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