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@jnm jnm released this Apr 23, 2019 · 186 commits to master since this release

KPI Merged PRs 2.019.07...2.019.16

PR number and branch PR commit message
Merge pull request #2224 from kobotoolbox/upgrade-redis-pip-lib Bumped redis version to 3.2.0
Merge pull request #2238 from kobotoolbox/2179-move-buttons Move archive and delete buttons above iframe
Merge pull request #2247 from kobotoolbox/2208-hide-calculate-hint Hide hint for calculate questions
Merge pull request #2248 from kobotoolbox/2205-wrong-version-deployment Wrong version deploying bug
Merge pull request #2246 from kobotoolbox/2201-rename-label Change words - use "label" instead of "title"
Merge pull request #2243 from kobotoolbox/remove-dead-csv-code Remove dead to_csv_io() method
Merge pull request #2235 from kobotoolbox/2193-csrf-error-deleting-users Simplify KoBoCAT user deletion kludge; fixes #2193
Merge pull request #2237 from kobotoolbox/#2236-update-pyxform Update Pyxform to 0.13.1. See #2236
Merge pull request #2234 from kobotoolbox/even-lesser-verbose-prod-build hide stylelint output for test run
Merge pull request #2233 from kobotoolbox/travis-pytest-failure Travis pytest failure
Merge pull request #2231 from kobotoolbox/less-verbose-prod-build Less verbose prod build
Merge pull request #2230 from kobotoolbox/2226-firefox-scroll-bug-2 Firefox scroll bug fix (the real one)
Merge pull request #2228 from kobotoolbox/2227-eslint-error Improve eslint switch statement handling
Merge pull request #2196 from kobotoolbox/2188-2189-validation-status-fixes Validation status fixes
Merge pull request #2221 from kobotoolbox/1451-library-count-all-questions-blocks-and-templates Count next to 'My Library' now shows count of questions, blocks, and …
Merge pull request #2215 from kobotoolbox/2212-map-bug Cleanup map before navigating out
Merge pull request #2213 from kobotoolbox/2210-configurable-cors Feature: CORS, configurable in Django admin interface
Merge pull request #2211 from kobotoolbox/2209-cors-middleware Add ottoyiu/django-cors-headers
Merge pull request #2178 from kobotoolbox/celery-broker-redis Celery broker redis
Merge pull request #2202 from kobotoolbox/revert-2147-1726-read-only Revert "Add read_only as visible property"
Merge pull request #2199 from kobotoolbox/2197-group-name-bug Make group label an editable input

KoBoCAT Merged PRs 2.019.07...2.019.16a

PR number and branch PR commit message
Merge pull request kobotoolbox/kobocat#548 from kobotoolbox/kobotoolbox/kobo-docker#234-double-encode-s3-url Double-encode S3 URL for X-Accel-Redirect
Merge pull request kobotoolbox/kobocat#547 from kobotoolbox/546-unicode-attachment-filenames Quick fix for non-ASCII attachment filenames
Merge pull request kobotoolbox/kobocat#544 from kobotoolbox/kobocat-template-as-subdirectory Include kobocat-template as subdirectory
Merge pull request kobotoolbox/kobocat#543 from kobotoolbox/revert-520-kobocat-template-submodule Revert "Add kobocat-template as a Git submodule"
Merge pull request kobotoolbox/kobocat#520 from kobotoolbox/kobocat-template-submodule Add kobocat-template as a Git submodule
Merge pull request kobotoolbox/kobocat#542 from kobotoolbox/#2236-update-pyxform Update Pyxform to 0.13.1. See #2236
Merge pull request kobotoolbox/kobocat#512 from kobotoolbox/483-duplicate-submissions Return first occurrence of duplicate submissions when using BriefCase API
Merge pull request kobotoolbox/kobocat#525 from kobotoolbox/validation-status-allow-delete Allow delete of validation status (single or multiple at once)
Merge pull request kobotoolbox/kobocat#528 from qedsoftware/527-fix-thumbnails-file-type Use original file extension when creating thumbnails
Merge pull request kobotoolbox/kobocat#537 from kobotoolbox/535-runserverplus-enketo-wrong-edit-url Used 'request.get_host()' instead of 'request.META.get('HTTP_HOST')'
Merge pull request kobotoolbox/kobocat#538 from kobotoolbox/536-attachments-broken-in-kpi Bring back old urls for attachments for retro-compability with 'kpi'
Merge pull request kobotoolbox/kobocat#540 from kobotoolbox/539-thumbnails-not-created Fixed thumbnails creation.
Merge pull request kobotoolbox/kobocat#533 from kobotoolbox/update-redis-pip-lib Bumped redis pip lib to 3.2.0
Merge pull request kobotoolbox/kobocat#502 from kobotoolbox/261-media-redirector-auth-not-required media redirector auth not required.
Merge pull request kobotoolbox/kobocat#505 from kobotoolbox/504-form-csv-bad-request Allow CSV format from form detail API endpoint.
Merge pull request kobotoolbox/kobocat#506 from ggalmazor/url_encode_media_file_in_downloadUrl Replace safe filter with urlencode filter in Briefcase API template
Merge pull request kobotoolbox/kobocat#521 from kobotoolbox/celery-upgrade Celery upgrade

formpack Merged PRs d87364f...40110ee

PR number and branch PR commit message
Merge pull request kobotoolbox/formpack#197 from kobotoolbox/upgrade-python-dependencies Upgrade Python dependencies

Pyxform changes v0.12.0...0.13.1

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