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Markdown-to-HTML Conversion Web Site in Docker Container

This Docker image runs Apache web server and dynamically converts a Markdown file to HTML using Pandoc converter and a simple apache filter.

Use this version if you can freely manage your Docker host and plan to serve local files in the Docker host. See 'docker-pandoc-remote' if you want to place source files in some remote location or put the image in a public container service.


The container image includes:

  • base image: httpd from Docker Hub,
  • Pandoc installed during Docker build,
  • Apache mod_ext_filter-compliant filter written in Bash shell (pandoc-filter), and
  • Apache configuration file to enable the filter (local.conf).


To build a docker image, install Docker and Git and execute the following on a machine where you host the container:

$ git clone
$ cd docker-pandoc
$ docker build --tag pandoc:test .

Prebuilt images (amd64 and arm) are available at the Docker Hub: kobucom/pandoc. Choose images tagged as 'local'.


You need to place Markdown source files and other web contents in the host file system outside the container. You also need a place to collect Apache log files.

Prepare two host-side directories for web contents and log files. They are mapped to the following directories in the container:

Directory Container side Host side (in my case)
htdocs /usr/local/apache2/htdocs /var/docker/pandoc/htdocs
logs /usr/local/apache2/logs /var/docker/pandoc/logs

The 'htdocs' directory in the github project contains sample files. As a start, place these files in the host-side htdocs directory. You can check access and error logs by checking the host-side logs directory.


Execute the following command to run the web site.

$ docker run --publish 8080:80 --detach \
	--mount type=bind,src=/var/docker/pandoc/htdocs,dst=/usr/local/apache2/htdocs,ro \
	--mount type=bind,src=/var/docker/pandoc/logs,dst=/usr/local/apache2/logs \
$ curl localhost:8080/

You can access the container from outside the host as 'http://yourhost:8080/'.

Note that the container uses port 80 for receiving web requests. The -p option maps a host-side port to the container-side port.


Here is a command to stop the web site.

$ docker ps
CONTAINER ID  IMAGE        COMMAND             CREATED            STATUS            PORTS ... 
4a1d178dc122  pandoc:test  "httpd-foreground"  About an hour ago  Up About an hour>80/tcp ... 
$ docker kill 4a1d178dc122


The included filter (pandoc-filter), apache configuration (local.conf) and Dockerfile are created by a Kobu.Com engineer and these are public domain.

See licenses for products used to build this docker image: Apache2, Pandoc and Docker.

2020-09-13 created and tested under raspberry pi with raspbian (armhf)
2020-09-14 published to github as 'kobucom/docker-pandoc'
2020-09-20 tested under debian10 (buster) on cloud (amd64)
2020-09-21 published to docker hub as 'kobucom/pandoc:local'

Visit Kobu.Com.