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====== This is the documentation for the REST api provided by this code and offered on Requests

KV78Turbo is built upon passtimes. These are expected times at which a timingpoint is passed. Requesting this data is done in several ways


  • When requesting multiple objects at the same time, use a comma separated request
  • Use gzip compression to keep bandwidth usage lower
  • Don't request too much data. Instead ask for a KV78Turbo license from and run this code yourself. This includes automatic scraping of the same timingpoints in a small interval.
  • Set a user-agent, this enables us to quickly detect malicious activity and will probably avoid a premature ban-hammer

The following does not apply to GVB, HTM and Veolia Haaglanden but we still recommend that you obtain a license from OpenOV and get a (free) KV78 feed yourself, if you're interested in analyzing punctualities:

  • The GOVI license license applies to the data.
  • It is not allowed to store data for more than 30 minutes.
  • This data is not suitable for analysing the performance of the operators.