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CakeResque Email Plugin

This plugin provides all the tools you need to immediately begin sending emails via a CakeResque powered queue. This saves the user time during the standard HTTP request cycle.


  1. Install the cake-resque plugin.

    git submodule add git://

  2. Configure CakeResque as per the CakeResque instructions.

  3. Install the cake-resque-email plugin.

    git submodule add git:// app/Plugin/ResqueEmail

  4. Ensure both are listed in your plugins array.

    CakePlugin::load(array( 'Resque' => array('bootstrap' => true), 'ResqueEmail' ));


  1. Ensure that your application is sending email via CakeEmail.

  2. In your email.php file, set the transport for any emails you would like to process via a queue to ResqueEmail.Queued. Example:

    public $default = array( 'transport' => 'ResqueEmail.Queued', 'from' => array('' => 'Our Team') );

  3. In your email.php file, add an email configuration directive to be used when processing the queue, and name it $resqueEmail. Example:

    public $resqueEmail = array( 'host' => 'ssl://', 'port' => 465, 'username' => '', 'password' => 'secret', 'transport' => 'Smtp' );

  4. Ensure that a worker is running and give it a test. You should receive your message on delay through the queue, and load times on pages that send emails should improve.

Known Issues

You should expect awkward behavior when using html/both as the email format AND specifying a message via CakeEmail::send('message'). There shouldn't be much of a reason to mix the two since an HTML email should be using CakeEmail::viewVars instead. Text emails and CakeEmail::send('message') work perfectly fine.