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CakePHP Mailgun Plugin

This package provides two Mailgun transports - one implemented using CakePHP's HttpRequest utility and the other using curl.


If you haven't already, sign up for a Mailgun account.

Install this package as a CakePHP Plugin.

git clone app/Plugin/Mailgun
# If you prefer, use a submodule
git submodule add app/Plugin/Mailgun

Load the plugin in your bootstrap.php.



To enable the transport, add the following information to your Config/email.php:

class EmailConfig {
    public $mailgun = array(
        'transport' => 'Mailgun.Basic',
        'mailgun_domain'    => '',
        'api_key'   => 'MY_MAILGUN_API_KEY'

Use the CakeEmail class as normal, invoking the new configuration settings.

$email = new CakeEmail('mailgun');