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Methods tracing tool for Java apps
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metracer is a tool to trace invocation of an arbitrary methods in Java programs. In some sense it's an analog of strace program. metracer is useful for:

  • you want to quickly get acquainted with how a particular part of a Java program works - metracer will provide you with a call tree of a methods;
  • you want to troubleshoot errors in Java program but debugger is not available - metracer will supply you with return values or exceptions thrown in a program;
  • you want to spy for SQL statements issued by Hibernate in your JavaEE application - metracer will supply you with arguments of called methods.

Getting Started

  1. Download metracer JAR file from the latest release:
  2. List Java programs available for tracing:
$ java -jar metracer.jar -l
6688   com.develorium.metracertest.Main
3726   org.pwsafe.passwordsafeswt.PasswordSafeJFace
  1. Start tracing methods in a desired Java program using PID from the listing table, e.g.:
  • to trace all methods from class com.develorium.metracertest.Main in Java program with PID 6688:
$ java -jar metracer.jar 6688 com.develorium.metracertest.Main
2016.06.18 11:31:33.749 [metracer.00000009] +++ [0] com.develorium.metracertest.Main.testBundle()
2016.06.18 11:31:33.749 [metracer.00000009]  +++ [1] com.develorium.metracertest.Main.testA()
2016.06.18 11:31:33.749 [metracer.00000009]  --- [1] com.develorium.metracertest.Main.testA => void
  • to trace only method doSomething from class com.develorium.metracertest.Main in Java program with PID 6688:
$ java -jar metracer.jar 6688 com.develorium.metracertest.Main doSomething
2016.06.18 11:31:14.721 [metracer.00000009] +++ [0] com.develorium.metracertest.Main.doSomething()
2016.06.18 11:31:14.726 [metracer.00000009] --- [0] com.develorium.metracertest.Main.doSomething => void
  • to trace all methods from classes com.develorium.metracertest.Foo and com.develorium.metracertest.Bar in Java program with PID 6688:
$ java -jar metracer.jar 6688 'com.develorium.metracertest.Foo|Bar'
2016.06.19 12:00:17.312 [metracer.00000009] +++ [0] com.develorium.metracertest.Foo.perform()
2016.06.19 12:00:17.314 [metracer.00000009] --- [0] com.develorium.metracertest.Foo.perform => void
2016.06.19 12:00:17.315 [metracer.00000009] +++ [0] com.develorium.metracertest.Bar.perform()
2016.06.19 12:00:17.315 [metracer.00000009] --- [0] com.develorium.metracertest.Bar.perform => void
  1. When you are done with tracing press q - this will stop methods tracing in a Java program and quit

There are other functions available in metracer (e.g. vertical instrumentation). Brief description of metracer functionality is available in a builtin help:

$ java -jar metracer.jar -h

For more detailed information on how to use metracer please visit


  • ASM is used to instrument programs' code on the fly without a need to recompile anything;
  • Java Attach API is used to inject tracing into target Java process (agent uploading);
  • JMX is used to communicate and configure uploaded agent.


  • Java 1.6 or higher;
  • JDK is installed (tools.jar is needed).


Apace License, Version 2.0.

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