WSD/LLMNR Discovery/Name Service Daemon
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WSD/LLMNR Discovery/Name Service Daemon

With Microsoft turning off SMB1 feature completely on Windwos 10, any Samba shares on the local network become invisible to Windwos 10 computers. That's due to the fact that SMB1 is required for Computer Browser service to function.

Newer Windows systems can use WSD (Web Services for Devices) to discover shares hosted on other Windows computers while Linux systems normally utilize mNDS/DNS-SD for service discovery. Microsoft is moving to support mDNS/DNS-SD, but not yet there.

The primary purpose of this project is to enable WSD on OpenMediaVault so that network shares hosted on a OMV4 box can appear in Windows File Explorer / Network.

The original source code was taken from Netgear ReadyNAS OS v6.9.3 published at

So far only minimum changes have been made to let it run on my OMV4 box.

NOTE: Make sure there is no firewall rule blocking WSD multicast address,, protocol UDP.