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This file gives an overview on what you will need to do to create a
bibliographic database for references, as well as create the actual
bibliography for your thesis.
You should not need to touch the file biblio.tex. This merely tells
latex to look for the file with the bibliographic info. The file you
want to edit is main.bib. For each entry, use the appropriate style
as designated in the file.
Citing your references:
When you cite a reference, you need to use the ``key'' you declare in
main.bib for the entry. No one ever sees the keys, but you'll want to
use something you will easily remember. For instance, if you had an
entry with:
Then you would use \cite{geer1} to reference it within your thesis.
NOTE: You can not include references in your bibliography that are
never cited in your paper by default. If you need to do this, create a
key for the entry and at the end of your thesis include the line:
This should be done for every entry which is not explicitly cited.