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This file explains the options available to you for editting the file
The commands in the this file allow you to specify options such as
spacing, double-sided printing, a draft copy, etc. By default, 12pt
and lgrind are included; lgrind is the 2e style for including code in
your thesis.
You can add options in the documentclass line as follows:
o singlespace
o twoside
o draft (make sure to change the pagestyle to drafthead as
o vi (for course vi and course viii theses)
Any options you would use for report.sty will work here as well.
You should not need to change the first three lines and last two lines
below. Be sure to include an \include command for each file you are
including in your thesis.
Comment: to include appendices use a single \appendix command followed by
a number of \include{} commands as many files as needed, each of which
should contain a \chapter{} command for the appendix title.
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