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The analysis encompasses data taken during the 2005 and 2006 RHIC runs when
the polarized proton beams were longitudinally polarized and colliding at a
center-of-mass energy of 200 GeV. Spin asymmetries are constructed using
charged pions produced at mid-rapidity and having large transverse momentum.
\section{Spin-Sorted Yields}
\section{Systematic Uncertainty Evaluations}
% \subsection{Polarization Vectors and Transverse Asymmetries}
% data selection - 1/2 day
% pion identification - 1 day
% jet reconstruction - 1 day
% jet/pion correlations - 1/2 day. Just a plot of the dphi matching in data and simulation ought to be enough.
% Systematic Uncertanties
% nothing for PID, but will i need to redo the run 6 analysis to subtract backgrounds? yes. Can I assume nSigmaPion does not need to be recalibrated? probably - 4 days
% 2006 trigger bias includes the minbias Monte Carlo reweighting hackery - 2 days
% but not just the reweighting hackery, there's also an uncertainty in the size of the jet pT shift - 1 day. And why don't I include pion pt shifts in that calculation? Is it because I choose bin widths to match the pion pT resolution?
% Results - 1 day
% Conclusions - 1.5 days
% Cleanup - 2 days
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