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% $Log: mitthesis.cls,v $
% Revision 1.6 2005/05/13 19:57:40 boojum
% added leftblank option
% Revision 1.5 2002/04/18 14:10:08 boojum
% changed doublespace into setspace for 2e compliance
% Revision 1.4 2001/02/08 18:57:13 boojum
% turned two newpages into cleardoublepages
% Revision 1.3 2000/08/14 14:53:29 boojum
% commented out footheight, which is relevant for drafthead
% Revision 1.2 1999/10/21 14:51:33 boojum
% changed references to documentstyle to documentclass in comments
% Revision 1.1 1999/10/21 14:39:31 boojum
% Initial revision
%Revision 1.7 1998/04/01 20:45:34 othomas
%removed offending phrase ", and to grant others the right to do so" from copyright notice.
%Revision 1.6 96/06/26 15:07:29 othomas
%safety checkin.
%Revision 1.5 93/06/07 15:38:50 starflt
%Altered 'vi' option copyright wording to comply with new Institute
%Archives requirements and MIT lawyers.
%Revision 1.4 92/08/19 16:51:06 lwvanels
%Updated Course 6 title page for new permissions.
%Revision 1.3 92/04/23 10:16:15 epeisach
%Fixed comment character in rcs file
%Revision 1.2 92/04/22 13:12:02 epeisach
%Fixes for 1991 course 6 requirements
%Phrase "and to grant others the right to do so" has been added to
%permission clause
%Second copy of abstract is not counted as separate pages so numbering works
%Revision 1.1 90/05/04 11:45:53 lwvanels
%Initial revision
% LaTeX format for theses at MIT
% Based on "Specifications for Thesis Preparation"
% `vi' and `upcase' options by Krishna Sethuraman -
% Margins and heading types by Peter Nuth -
% Title and abstract page by Stephen Gildea -
% Look in this directory for example file mitthesis.doc
% Also for propcover.tex - Boilerplate for PHD proposal.
% To use this style - say something like:
% for dull, boring thesis format:
% \documentclass[12pt]{mitthesis}
% \pagestyle{plain}
% OR for fast drafts:
% \documentclass[11pt,singlespace,draft]{mitthesis}
% \pagestyle{drafthead}
% OR for Tech Reports:
% \documentclass[12pt,twoside]{mitthesis}
% \pagestyle{headings}
% OR
% some other combination...
%%%% New options:
% Option `twoside':
% Good for producing Tech Reports.
% The default is single-sided printing, which is what M.I.T. wants on the
% thesis document itself.
% Option `singlespace':
% Good for drafts.
% Double-spaced theses are the default.
% That is what M.I.T. asks for in the formal specifications.
% Note that MIT does not REQUIRE all theses to be double-spaced anymore.
% Someone in the library system said that it's OK to be single-spaced.
% (Regardless of what the specs. say...)
% To get singlespacing in an area - Use the 'singlespace' environment.
% Option `draft':
% Puts `overfull' boxes at the end of lines that are too long.
% Pagestyle `drafthead':
% Puts the date and the label ``*DRAFT*'' in the footer.
%%%% Parameters to initialize for boilerplate page:
% \title{Mixed Circular Cylindrical Shells}
% \author{J. Casey Salas}
% \prevdegrees{B.S., University of California (1978) \\
% S.M., Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1981)}
% \department{Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science}
% \degree{Doctor of Philosophy}
%% If the thesis is for two degrees simultaneously, list them both
%% separated by \and like this:
% \degree{Doctor of Philosophy \and Master of Science}
% \degreemonth{February}
% \degreeyear{1987}
% \thesisdate{December 10, 1986}
%% If the thesis is copyright by the Institute, leave this line out and
%% the standard copyright line will be used instead.
% \copyrightnotice{J. Casey Salas, 1986}
%% If there is more than one supervisor, use the \supervisor command
%% once for each.
% \supervisor{John D. Galli}{Director, Sound Instrument Laboratory}
%% This is the department committee chairman, not the thesis committee chairman
% \chairman{Arthur C. Smith}
% {Chairman, Departmental Committee on Graduate Students}
%% Make the titlepage based on the above information. If you need
%% something special and can't use the standard form, you can specify
%% the exact text of the titlepage yourself. Put it in a titlepage
%% environment and leave blank lines where you want vertical space.
%% The spaces will be adjusted to fill the entire page. The dotted
%% lines for the signatures are made with the \signature command.
%% The abstractpage environment sets up everything on the page except
%% the text itself. The title and other header material are put at the
%% top of the page, and the supervisors are listed at the bottom. A
%% new page is begun both before and after. Of course, an abstract may
%% be more than one page itself. If you need more control over the
%% format of the page, you can use the abstract environment, which puts
%% the word "Abstract" at the beginning and single spaces its text.
% \begin{abstractpage}
% Abstract goes here.
% \end{abstractpage}
%%%%%%%% Newer additions
% documentclass options -
% vi For MIT course VI or VIII thesis - will copyright the thesis to
% you while giving MIT permission to copy and distribute it.
% upcase Will put much of the cover page in uppercase, as per the
% example on page 17 of the *Specifications for Thesis
% Preparation*, (revised 1989)
% Also added ``All Rights Reserved'' to default copyright notice.
% Documentclass options (vi and upcase) and changes to copyright notice
% Copyright (c) 1990, by Krishna Sethuraman.
% Pagestyle and header generation
% Copyright (c) 1987, 1988 by Peter Nuth
% Original version
% Copyright (c) 1987 by Stephen Gildea
% Permission to copy all or part of this work is granted, provided
% that the copies are not made or distributed for resale, and that
% the copyright notice and this notice are retained.
\def\mystretch{1.5} % Double spacing hack
\DeclareOption{doublespace}{} % This is default
% So we do not read this style twice
\DeclareOption{singlespace}{ % If he explicitly wants single spacing
\typeout{Single spaced}
%% `vi' and `upcase' document style options. Krishna Sethuraman (1990)
\DeclareOption{vi}{\typeout{Course VI/VIII thesis style.}\advance\vithesis by1}
\DeclareOption{upcase}{\typeout{Uppercase cover page.}
%% leftblank option by Kevin Fu
\newif\if@leftblank \@leftblankfalse
\DeclareOption{leftblank}{\typeout{Intentionally Leaving Pages Blank}
% Thesis looks much like report
% If the user wants single spacing, set baselinestretch=1.
% Note - doublespace.sty has some float-related troubles in
% combination with graphics or color, and is not officially compliant
% with 2e. setspace is a replacement which is 2e-compliant.
% Read the doublespace style that we got from Rochester:
%\input setdoublespace.sty
\def\baselinestretch{\mystretch} % Double spacing hack
%%%%%%% Set up margins and formatting params %%%
% Margins.
% Note we want 1in top margin assuming no header line, so push header
% into 1in margin.
% Draft mode brings the header back down.
\setlength{\oddsidemargin}{0.25in} % 1.25in left margin
\setlength{\evensidemargin}{0.25in} % 1.25in left margin (even pages)
\setlength{\topmargin}{0.0in} % 1in top margin
\setlength{\textwidth}{6.0in} % 6.0in text - 1.25in rt margin
\setlength{\textheight}{9in} % Body ht for 1in margins
\addtolength{\topmargin}{-\headheight} % No header, so compensate
\addtolength{\topmargin}{-\headsep} % for header height and separation
% The next two macros compensate page style for headers and footers
% We only need them in page styles that USE headers and footers.
% If we have a header, it must be 1in from top of page.
\def\pulldownheader{ % Shift header down 1in from top
% If we have a footer, put it 1in up from bottom
\def\pullupfooter{ % Shift footer up
% \addtolength{\textheight}{-\footheight} %footheight doesn't
% exist in 2e
%%%%%%% End of margins and formatting params %%%
%%%%%%% Fix various header and footer problems %%%
% Format for draft of thesis. Define our own PageStyle -
% Just like headings, but has foot lines with the date and warning
\if@twoside % If two-sided printing.
\def\@oddfoot{\rm \today \hfil \sc **DRAFT**}
\def\@evenfoot{\sc **DRAFT** \hfil \rm \today }
\def\@evenhead{\rm \thepage\hfil \sl \leftmark}
\def\@oddhead{\hbox{}\sl \rightmark \hfil \rm\thepage}
\def\chaptermark##1{\markboth {\uppercase{\ifnum \c@secnumdepth >\m@ne
\@chapapp\ \thechapter. \ \fi ##1}}{}}
\def\sectionmark##1{\markright {\uppercase{\ifnum \c@secnumdepth >\z@
\thesection. \ \fi ##1}}}
\pulldownheader % Bring header down from edge
\pullupfooter % Bring footer up
\else % If one-sided printing.
\def\@oddfoot{\rm \today \hfil \sc **DRAFT**}
\def\@oddhead{\hbox{}\sl \rightmark \hfil \rm\thepage}
\def\chaptermark##1{\markright {\uppercase{\ifnum \c@secnumdepth >\m@ne
\@chapapp\ \thechapter. \ \fi ##1}}}
\pulldownheader % Bring header down from edge
\pullupfooter % Bring footer up
% I redefine these formats that were defined in report.sty
% Definition of 'headings' page style
% Note the use of ##1 for parameter of \def\chaptermark inside the
% \def\ps@headings.
\if@twoside % If two-sided printing.
\def\@evenfoot{} % No feet.
\def\@evenhead{\rm \thepage\hfil \sl \leftmark} % Left heading.
\def\@oddhead{\hbox{}\sl \rightmark \hfil \rm\thepage} % Right heading.
\def\chaptermark##1{\markboth {\uppercase{\ifnum \c@secnumdepth >\m@ne
\@chapapp\ \thechapter. \ \fi ##1}}{}}
\def\sectionmark##1{\markright {\uppercase{\ifnum \c@secnumdepth >\z@
\thesection. \ \fi ##1}}}
\pulldownheader % Bring header down from edge
\else % If one-sided printing.
\def\@evenfoot{} % No feet.
\def\@oddhead{\hbox {}\sl \rightmark \hfil \rm\thepage} % Heading.
\def\chaptermark##1{\markright {\uppercase{\ifnum \c@secnumdepth >\m@ne
\@chapapp\ \thechapter. \ \fi ##1}}}
\pulldownheader % Bring header down from edge
% Redefinition of 'myheadings' page style.
\def\@evenhead{\rm \thepage\hfil\sl\leftmark\hbox {}} %
\def\@oddhead{\hbox{}\sl\rightmark \hfil \rm\thepage} %
\pulldownheader % Bring header down from edge
% Redefine '/chapter' to always start on an odd page.
% Should make no difference in singleside mode.
\thispagestyle{plain} % Page style of chapter page is 'plain'
\global\@topnum\z@ % Prevents figures from going at top of page.
\@afterindentfalse % Suppresses indent in first paragraph. Change
\secdef\@chapter\@schapter} % to \@afterindenttrue to have indent.
\def\chapter{\cleardoublepage % Starts new page.
\thispagestyle{plain} % Page style of chapter page is 'plain'
\global\@topnum\z@ % Prevents figures from going at top of page.
\@afterindentfalse % Suppresses indent in first paragraph. Change
\secdef\@chapter\@schapter} % to \@afterindenttrue to have indent.
% If using the report style, use - instead of . in the figure number.
%%%%%%%%% End of Style parameters %%%%
% Here's Gildea's Boilerplate Stuff.
% Copyright (c) 1987 by Stephen Gildea
% Permission to copy all or part of this work is granted, provided
% that the copies are not made or distributed for resale, and that
% the copyright notice and this notice are retained.
%% Define all the pieces that go on the title page and the abstract.
% \title and \author already exist
% If you are getting two degrees, use \and between the names.
\def\degree#1{\setbox0\hbox{#1} %for side effect of setting \@degreeword
% \and is used inside the \degree argument to separate two degrees
\def\and{\gdef\@degreeword{degrees} \par and \par}
% The copyright notice stuff is a tremendous mess.
% \@copyrightnotice is used by \maketitle to actually put text on the
% page; it defaults to ``Copyright MIT 19xx. All rights reserved.''
% \copyrightnoticetext takes an argument and defined \@copyrightnotice
% to that argument. \copyrightnotice takes an argument, and calls
% \copyrightnoticetext with that argument, preceeded by a copyright
% symbol and followed by ``All rights reserved.'' and the standard
% permission notice.
% If you use the 'vi' option, \copyrightnoticetext is used to set the
% copyright to ``(C) Your Name, Current Year in Roman Numerals.''
% followed by the permission notice.
% If there is no \copyrightnotice command, it is asssumed that MIT
% holds the copyright. This commands adds the copyright symbol to the
% beginning, and puts the standard permission notice below.
%% ``All rights reserved'' added. Krishna Sethuraman (1990)
\def\copyrightnotice#1{\copyrightnoticetext{\copyright\ #1. All rights
% Occacionally you will need to exactly specify the text of the
% copyright notice. The \copyrightnoticetext command is then useful.
\def\@copyrightnotice{\copyright\ \Mit\ \@degreeyear. All rights reserved.}
%% `vi' documentclass option: Specifying this option automatically
%% copyrights the thesis to the author and gives MIT permission to copy and
%% distribute the document. If you want, you can still specify
%% \copyrightnotice{stuff} to copyright to someone else, or
%% \copyrightnoticetext{stuff} to specify the exact text of the copyright
%% notice.
\ifodd\vithesis \copyrightnoticetext{\copyright\ \@author,
\uppercase\expandafter{\romannumeral\@degreeyear}. All rights reserved.\par\permission}
%% or just
\typeout{Copyright given to author,
permission to copy/distribute given to MIT.}
\else \typeout{Thesis document copyright MIT unless otherwise (manually) specified}
% typically just a month and year
% Usage: \supervisor{name}{title}
% \chairman{name}{title}
% since there can be more than one supervisor,
% we build the appropriate boxes for the titlepage and
% the abstractpage as the user makes multiple calls
% to \supervisor
\newbox\@titlesupervisor \newbox\@abstractsupervisor
{\unvbox\@titlesupervisor \vskip 10pt% plus 1fil minus 1fil
\signature{Certified by}{#1 \\ #2 \\ Thesis Supervisor}}
\vskip\baselineskip \def\baselinestretch{1}\@normalsize
\par\noindent Thesis Supervisor: #1 \\ Title: #2}}
% department chairman, not thesis committee chairman
%% `upcase' documentclass option: \choosecase is defined either as a dummy or
%% a macro to change the (expanded) argument to uppercase.
{\def\baselinestretch{1.2}\Large\bf \choosecase{\@title} \par}
{\Large \choosecase{\@author}}
\choosecase{Submitted to the} \choosecase{\@department} \\
\choosecase{in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the}
at the
\@degreemonth\ \@degreeyear
\vskip 3\baselineskip
\signature{Author}{\@department \\ \@thesisdate}
\signature{Accepted by}{\@chairmanname \\ \@chairmantitle}
% this environment should probably be called abstract,
% but we want people to also be able to get at the more
% basic abstract environment
\begin{center}{\large{\bf \@title} \\
by \\
\@author \\[\baselineskip]}
Submitted to the \@department \\
on \@thesisdate, in partial fulfillment of the \\
requirements for the \@degreeword\ of \\
%% Changed from \unvbox to \unvcopy for use with multiple copies of abstract
%% page.
%% Krishna Sethuraman (1990)
\unvcopy\@abstractsupervisor \newpage}
%% This counter is used to save the page number for the second copy of
%% the abstract.
% You can use the titlepage environment to do it all yourself if you
% don't want to use \maketitle. If the titlepage environment, the
% paragraph skip is infinitely stretchable, so if you leave a blank line
% between lines that you want space between, the space will stretch so
% that the title page fills up the entire page.
\parindent 0pt \parskip 10pt plus 1fil minus 1fil
\def\baselinestretch{1}\@normalsize\vbox to \vsize\bgroup\vbox to 9in\bgroup}
% The \kern0pt pushes any depth into the height. Thanks to Richard Stone.
\def\endtitlepage{\par\kern 0pt\egroup\vss\egroup\newpage}
\def\Mit{Massachusetts Institute of Technology}
The author hereby grants to MIT permission to reproduce and
distribute publicly paper and electronic copies of this thesis
document in whole or in part.}\par}
{\raggedleft #2\par}}