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declare class OneConsole {
static print(str: any): void;
declare class OneFile {
static readText(fn: string): OneString;
declare class OneArray<T> {
length: number;
add(item: T): void;
get(index: number): T;
set(index: number, value: T): void;
declare class OneMap<K, V> {
get(key: K): V;
set(key: K, value: V): void;
remove(key: K): void;
hasKey(key: K): boolean;
keys(): OneArray<K>;
values(): OneArray<V>;
declare class OneCharacter {
declare class OneString {
length: OneNumber;
substring(start: number, end: number): OneString;
split(separator: string): OneArray<OneString>;
get(idx: number): OneCharacter;
startsWith(str: string): OneBoolean;
substrMatch(str: string, offset: number): OneBoolean;
replace(from: string, to: string): OneString;
declare class OneNumber {
declare class OneBoolean {
declare class OneError {
static raise(message: string): void;
declare class OneRegex {
static matchFromIndex(pattern: string, input: string, offset: number): OneArray<OneString>;
declare class OneReflect {
static getClass(obj: any): OneClass;
static getClassByName(name: any): OneClass;
static publish(): OneClass;
declare class OneClass {
name: string;
getField(name: string): OneField;
getMethod(name: string): OneMethod;
getFields(): OneArray<OneField>;
getMethods(): OneArray<OneMethod>;
declare class OneField {
name: string;
isStatic: boolean;
getValue(obj: any): any;
setValue(obj: any, value: any): void;
declare class OneMethod {
name: string;
isStatic: boolean;
call(obj: any, args: any[]): any;
declare class OneBigInteger {
static fromInt(value: number): OneBigInteger;
declare class OneJProperty {
getName(): OneString;
getValue(obj: OneJValue): OneJValue;
declare class OneJObject {
getProperties(): OneArray<OneJProperty>;
count(): OneNumber;
names(): OneArray<OneString>;
get(name: string): OneJValue;
declare class OneJValue {
isObject(): OneBoolean;
isArray(): OneBoolean;
isString(): OneBoolean;
isNumber(): OneBoolean;
isBool(): OneBoolean;
isNull(): OneBoolean;
asString(): OneString;
asNumber(): OneNumber;
asBool(): OneBoolean;
asObject(): OneJObject;
getArrayItems(): OneArray<OneJValue>;
declare class OneJson {
static parse(str: string): OneJValue;
declare class One {
static langName(): OneString;
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