A Cinder Block for OpenNI. (mac only for now)
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This Block was orignianlly created by pixelnerve. It has been since modified and updated to work for the newer version of Cinder and has also been modified to use block header files instead of system header files. You should be able to download this, and copy it into your blocks folder with no library installs required.

Block OpenNI

A C++ wrapper for OpenNI

Basic description

Support for several generators as Image, IR, Depth and User. Skeleton tracking is also supported.

How to use

( Updated Instructions Coming Soon! )

Windows 32bit:

I haven't been able to check the Windows project files. If you need windows support, I suggest downloading the original repository. You can find the original repository here >> https://github.com/pixelnerve/BlockOpenNI

MacOSX 32bit:

  1. Download the zip folder

  2. Unzip and Rename the folder to "BlockOpenNI".

  3. Copy the "BlockOpenNI" folder to your blocks folder.

  4. Open the project sample files and fix the Cinder Path in the Build Settings

  5. Build!