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KODA Bots API & SDK References

Welcome to KODA Bots Docs!

Below you can see list of available APIs & SDKs. With their help you can integrate created chatbot with external systems, websites or data sources. Have fun 😊

Broadcasting API

Broadcasting API allow you to sent messages to chatbot users via an http request.

Fb Webview API

Modify user profile and sent next sequence`s element directly from Facebook Webview.

Dynamic Gallery API (docs comming soon)

Create custom data source for gallery element e.g calendar, flights schedule or products store filter.

Web Chatbot Widget SDK (docs comming soon)

Add to your website web chatbot.

Messenger Widgets SDK (docs comming soon)

Wrapper for default Messenger Web Widgets with allow e.g. save data to user profile or show correct analytics on "Growth Tools" tab.

Account Linking Login Page (docs comming soon)

Create custom login page to authorize chatbot user with your application.

Analytics API (docs comming soon)

Get full analytics data and integrate KODA Bots Platform with e.g Power Bi or Tableau applications.

User Management API (docs comming soon)

Add, remove and update users.

Webhook (docs comming soon)

Insert one or more URLs from applications so KODA Bots can send it all analytics information about your chatbot.


Feel free to say hello and sent message on

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