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Copy Better


A google chrome extension to make copy better.

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Extension functions


  • 选中文字自动复制;
  • 复制选中内容的HTML源代码;
  • 复制当前或者所有标签的标题与地址;
  • 保存最近N个拷贝的内容, 可以自由选择;
  • 清除网页隐藏文字;
  • 解除网页复制限制;

This extension has below functions:

  • Copy selected text automatically;
  • Copy selected html source code;
  • Copy title and URL of current tab or all tabs;
  • Store recent copy cache, you can select it from the toolbar button menu;
  • Remove hide text in the web when copy;
  • Allow copy in the page;

Extension usage


  • 安装改扩展后选中文字会自动复制, 如果在选中的情况下按下Alt键则会拷贝当前选中内容的HTML源代码。

  • 按下Ctrl+Y键以文本格式复制当前标签的标题与地址, 默认的格式为:

    Chrome扩展之增强复制 -
  • 按下Ctrl+Shift+Y键以文本格式复制所有标签的标题与地址, 默认的格式为:

    dangoakachan/copybetter -
    Chrome扩展之增强复制 -
    扩展程序 - chrome://extensions/
  • 按下Alt+Y键以HTML格式复制当前标签的标题与地址,默认的格式为:

    <a href="" title="Chrome扩展之增强复制" target="_blank">Chrome扩展之增强复制</a>
  • 按下Alt+Shift+Y键以HTML格式复制所有标签的标题与地址,默认的格式为:

    <a href="" title="dangoakachan/copybetter" target="_blank">dangoakachan/copybetter</a>
    <a href="" title="Chrome扩展之增强复制" target="_blank">Chrome扩展之增强复制</a>
    <a href="chrome://extensions/" title="扩展程序" target="_blank">扩展程序</a>
  • v1.1.7 之后新增解除网页复制限制功能,可以默认全局开启或者手动开启(可以快捷键触发);

此时, 再次点击工具栏上的图标, 会显示上面复制的内容, 点击列表中的每一项复制。 如果当前在输入框中, 则会自动将选择的内容插入到光标所在的位置。


English Help

After the extension is installed, it will be copied automatically by default, you can disable this function through the option. If you press Alt when select text, then the html source code will be copied instead.

  • Press Ctrl+Y will copy the current tab's tile and url in text format like %TITLE% - %URL%. For example, if you visit now:

    Google -
  • Press Ctrl+Shift+Y will copy the all tabs' tile and url in a list of %TITLE% - %URL%. For example, if you open google and twitter:

    Google -
    Twitter -
  • Press Alt+Y will copy the current tab's title and url in html format like <a href="%URL%" target="_blank">%TITLE%</a>:

    <a href="" target="_blank">Google</a>
  • Press Alt+Shift+Y will copy all tabs' title and url in a list of <a href="%URL%" target="_blank">%TITLE%</a>:

    <a href="" title="Google" target="_blank">Google</a>
    <a href="" title="Twitter" target="_blank">Twitter</a>
  • Aftre v1.1.7, this extension also provide a new feature to allow copy in page, you can enable globally or manually;

Copy Better extension will remember recent N copy record in cache, you can find this list through clicking the toolbar icon. Select any copy cache item in the list will copy it, and if you are in an editbox, it will paste the selected copy cache item in current cursor position.

Note: You can change the shortcuts as you link in chrome://extensions/configureCommands page.

Extension Settings

Copy selected text in edit box automatically

在编辑框中选中文字时自动复制, 仅当"选中文字时自动复制"选中时才生效

Check this option to automatically copy selected text in an edit box, like text input or textarea. This option only takes effect when "Copy selected text automatically" option is checked.

Default: unchecked

Set the text format when copy title and url


When copy title and url in text format, the format is defined here.

Default: %TITLE%\n%URL%

Set the HTML format when copy title and url


When copy title and url in html format, the format is defined here.

Default: <a href="%URL%" target="_blank">%TITLE%</a>

Store the copy cache when exit current window


Check this option to store copy cache when the window closed.

Default: checked

The maximum number of copy cache item


Defines the maximum number of copy cache item saved, value must be between 5 and 500.

Default: 10

Show notification when copy is done


Show notification in the right-bottom corner when the copy is done successfully.

Default: true