Polygon centric shape geographic library, geocoding, etc.
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Polygon centric geographic tools based on the two following classes:

interface Coordinate {
  double getLongitude();
  double getLatitude();
  double archDistance(Coordinate that);

interface Polygon {
  Iterator<Coordinate> iterateCoordinates();
  boolean contains(Coordinate coordinate);
  boolean contains(Polygon polygon);
  Coordinate getCentroid();
  double archDistance(Polygon that);
  double archDistance(Coordinate that);

A circle is a polygon, an envelope is a polygon, all shapes are polygons.
(The API does actually not yet contain an implemented circle.)

Caveat emptor:
* Mainly written having in mind almost all map APIs allows for drawing polygons.
* Sparse amount of shapes.
* Is in no way optimized.
* Distance between two polygons is actually the distance between the two closest points in the polygons
  and might thus in some extreme cases be off with a rather large number.
  The geocoding envelope for the state of Texas with the geocoding envelope of the country Mexico
  share lines very close to each other, they might even intersect,
  but the envelope corners are several hundred km away from each other.

This is currently enough for me. It will be further developed and improved.

There is virtually no documentation but I hope the API is simple enough.

Module geocoding contains an abstract API and a Google XML service implementation, which has the best API examples:


Also available in maven repository at <http://kodapan.se/maven/repository>.