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Password Length Inspector

  • Are you using password managing tools, such as KeePass, 1Password or LastPass?
  • Ever had the problem to find out the maximum allowed length of a password when you were registering for a website and wanted to generate a password with your managing tool?

Password Length Inspector will help you identifying the input length constraints of ANY password field on any website.

After installing this extension, you will find a small indicator next to every password field, telling you how many characters may be entered into that specific field. In case there is no character limit, infinity will be displayed. This way, you will have never to figure manually (for instance by digging in the source code of the website) how many characters are allowed to be entered in a password field.

As an indicator is displayed right next to the password field, it sometimes can happen that it covers for instance the submit or login button. Fortunately, this extension allows the indicator to be dragged around by the mouse in order to reveal any important controls or other parts of the web pages, being covered by the indicator.

One Note: in case there is no limit set on a password field, this does not automatically mean that the website will accept passwords with any length. Instead, it can happen that after submitting the form containing the password field, you’ll get a validation error, telling you no more than XYZ characters are allowed. Unfortunately, this information may not be visible or detectable before actually submitting a form.


Password Length Inspector is multi-language / multi-locale enabled but currently lacks translations of the options messages and labels for several languages. [In order to support with the translation of any language, please go to] (


v1.4.0 [2015/05/11]

  • New - Added option to overwrite displayed password length for URLs (either via simple in-string search or regular expression)
  • New - Added option to manipulate passwords max-length field according to overwritten URL settings
  • Improvement - All storage relevant stuff is now handled in the backend and the content script only sends and receives messages
  • Improvement - Cleaned up HTML code for the settings page and applied material design bootstrap theme

v1.3.0 [2014/08/12]

  • New - Extension Options page now uses i18n for displaying labels and messages in different locales (currently german and english only)
  • New - Dragging of the indicator can now be enabled and disabled in the options

v1.2.0 [2014/08/12]

  • New - Options page added that allows configuration of the extension
  • New - Indicator can now be positioned left or right of the password field and inside or outside of it (addressing #3)
  • New - Observation of dynamically added password fields can now enabled or disabled (addressing #6)

v1.1.0 [2014/08/07]

  • New - Dynamically added password fields are now attached with indicators
  • Improvement - Indicators are now attached and bound to password fields properties (visibility & position)
  • Bug Fix - Indicators Z-Index is now properly calculated based on password fields Z-Index

v1.0.0 [2014/08/01]

  • New - First publicly available version

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