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Sputter (a Lisp Experiment)

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Sputter is a Lisp Compiler written in Go.

How To Install

Make sure your GOPATH is set, then run go get to retrieve the package.

go get github.com/kode4food/sputter/cmd/sputter

How To Run A Source File

Once you've installed the package, you can run it from GOPATH/bin like so:

sputter somefile.lisp

# or

cat somefile.lisp | sputter

How To Start The REPL

Sputter has a very crude Read-Eval-Print Loop that will be more than happy to start if you call it with no arguments from the terminal:

Current Status

I just started this thing and it's still pretty fragile, but that will change rapidly. The current built-in forms are:

  • Basics: read eval do
  • Branching: if not unless when when-not cond and or
  • Numeric: + - * / mod = != < > <= >= inf -inf inc dec range
  • Numeric Predicates: inf? -inf? nan? even? odd?
  • Values: def let if-let when-let put-ns ns with-ns
  • Symbols and Keywords: sym gensym sym? local? keyword?
  • Functions: defn fn apply partial apply? special-form?
  • Function Composition: juxt comp
  • Threading: -> ->> some-> some->> as-> cond-> cond->>
  • Macros: defmacro macroexpand1 macroexpand macroexpand-all macro?
  • Errors: error raise panic try assert-args
  • Quoting: quote syntax-quote
  • Predicates: eq atom? nil?
  • Sequences: seq cons conj first rest last for-each seq?
  • Lists: list to-list list?
  • Vectors: vector to-vector vector?
  • Associative Arrays: assoc to-assoc assoc?
  • Counted Sequences: len len?
  • Indexed Sequences: nth indexed?
  • Mapped Sequences: get . mapped?
  • Comprehensions: concat map filter reduce take take-while drop
  • Lazy Sequences: lazy-seq partition
  • Metadata: meta with-meta meta?
  • Concurrency: go chan generate future promise promise?
  • Strings: str str! str?
  • I/O: print println pr prn with-open
  • Operating System: time *env* *args* *out* *err* *in*

Documentation for most of these forms may be viewed in the REPL using the doc function.