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PixelRenderUnity3D (Ver 1.1)

PixelRender is a complete system of shaders, effects, scripts & tools for rendering 3D scenes as 2D pixel art. The key components are the PixelArt shader for rendering meshs using palette based shading, the PixelOutline image effect for drawing pixel-perfect outlines & the Palette Editor which provides several features for creating, generating & manipulating palettes used by the PixelArt shader directly within Unity3D. PixelRender also includes components for quantizing animation, tools for rendering & exporting Unity3D sprite sheet animations, several examples & full documentation (in both pdf & epub format). PixelRender also works on mobile!


PixelRender is free to use for strictly non-commercial purposes, read PixelRenderNonCommercialLicense.html in project root for full details.

If you'd like to use PixelRender for commercial purposes, or support this & future kode80 development, commercial licenses are available for purchase from my online store at:

Download Latest unitypackage

The latest packaged version can be downloaded here: PixelRender.unitypackage


PixelRender 1.2.0 (April 15th 2016):

  • Updated included UnityTools
  • PixelRender can now be updated directly from the editor (Windows/kode80/Check for Asset Updates)

PixelRender 1.1.0 (March 9th 2016):

  • Palettize Texture tool:
    • Displays a progress bar and can be canceled
    • Optimized to convert significantly faster
    • Includes an automatic palette reduction pass (see documentation for details)
  • Added MinimumSceneTemplate to examples, useful for creating new PixelRender scenes
  • Added Sprite Sheet Maker tool for rendering & exporting Unity3D sprite animations (see documentation for details)
  • Minor UI fixes for all editor tools


PixelRender is a complete system for realtime rendering of 3D scenes as 2D pixel art in Unity3D.



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