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A really simple website page views tracker.
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A really simple view tracker that allows you to track your users while respecting their privacy.

Data collected

The only data collected at the moment is page views, namely the time and page viewed.

All collected data is saved in CSV, with one file for every day. This allows easy manual inspection and simple processing.

How to use it

Compile the tracker with cargo build --release. Create a configuration file at /etc/rs-view-tracker.conf. TOML syntax is used, and the only required parameter is logs_dir. The example file may look like this:

port = 3000
logs_dir = "/var/log/rs-view-tracker"
timezone = "Europe/Warsaw"

Then, add a HTML element that forces browser to fetch a resource to all pages of your site that you want to track. For example,

<script src=""></script>

The tracker response will always be empty, so no JavaScript will be actually executed.

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