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An attempt at remaking Ultima 8 Pagan with the Neverwinter Nights toolkit.

I am only using the built in NWN tilesets, creatures and items that are available in the Diamond Edition and upcomming Enhanced Edition. I would love a custom Pagan tileset that better matches the visual style of the original game, but I do not have time to make one. If you can help out, create an issue on this GitHub project to discuss. Mostly just need a modified Rural tileset with some dirt/stone surfaces, cobble roads and city walls; and a modified cave tileset with deep pits or raise/lower terrain. I found some of the old Exile (Ultima 8 remake in NWN) music files and hope to include them in this project.

Most of the main area maps have been prototyped and the entry/exits connnected, but basically no houses in towns have indoor areas yet. I will review the current maps and update them as I learn more about the scripting features available that are needed to recreate Pagan. There are only a few test mobs currently in game.

Update December 2017 With the announcement of Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition this remake project may become active again. The biggest issue I ran into last time I was working on this, was it was difficult to run NWN and tools on newer operating systems.