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Cells - put ANNs together into a Cell, into a network of ANNs!
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Cells 0.1 - README 2020-02-10

Work in progress! This is Cells, a new way to ANNs (artifical neural networks). Each cell can have multiple nodes (ANNs) which can be linked together.

In the cells-demo.c demo a XOR and an OR are connected by an AND logic. For this the XOR and OR are on a layer 0 and the outputs are copied over to the linked AND in layer 1.

You can define a number of Cells and put some nodes in it which all can contain ANNs which can be linked together by the "set_node_link" function. See the example cells-demo.c for more!

This is a work in progress.

The libfann ANN library is required to build the library!

Cells load/save

With the "fann_save_cells" function all Cells can be saved as a plain text file. And with the "fann_load_cells" function the Cells can be load into a new allocated Cells structure. The Cells are saved with the FANN ANN names and with all links.


Run the "" bash script in the lib/ directory first. Then run the "" script to build the demo cells-demo.c. That's it for now!

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