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package kite
import (
type Level int
var debugMode bool
// Logging levels.
const (
FATAL Level = iota
// Logger is the interface used to log messages in different levels.
type Logger interface {
// Fatal logs to the FATAL, ERROR, WARNING, INFO and DEBUG levels,
// including a stack trace of all running goroutines, then calls
// os.Exit(1).
Fatal(format string, args ...interface{})
// Error logs to the ERROR, WARNING, INFO and DEBUG level.
Error(format string, args ...interface{})
// Warning logs to the WARNING, INFO and DEBUG level.
Warning(format string, args ...interface{})
// Info logs to the INFO and DEBUG level.
Info(format string, args ...interface{})
// Debug logs to the DEBUG level.
Debug(format string, args ...interface{})
// getLogLevel returns the logging level defined via the KITE_LOG_LEVEL
// environment. It returns Info by default if no environment variable
// is set.
func getLogLevel() Level {
switch strings.ToUpper(os.Getenv("KITE_LOG_LEVEL")) {
case "DEBUG":
return DEBUG
case "WARNING":
return WARNING
case "ERROR":
return ERROR
case "FATAL":
return FATAL
return INFO
// convertLevel converts a kite level into logging level
func convertLevel(l Level) logging.Level {
switch l {
case DEBUG:
return logging.DEBUG
return logging.WARNING
case ERROR:
return logging.ERROR
case FATAL:
return logging.CRITICAL
return logging.INFO
// newLogger returns a new kite logger based on koding/logging package and a
// SetLogLvel function. The current logLevel is INFO by default, which can be
// changed with KITE_LOG_LEVEL environment variable.
func newLogger(name string) (Logger, func(Level)) {
logger := logging.NewLogger(name)
if os.Getenv("KITE_LOG_NOCOLOR") != "" {
logging.StdoutHandler.Colorize = false
logging.StderrHandler.Colorize = false
setLevel := func(l Level) {
return logger, setLevel