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Kodo Kojo Logo

Kodo Kojo allows you to get a full out-of-the-box software factory.

If you don't want to spend your time setting up a software factory, its monitoring tools, adding and removing users on each component of your software factories; then Kodo Kojo is made for you.

Kodo Kojo uses the power of Apache Mesos and Marathon via Docker to orchestrate and isolate your software factory tools.

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Open Source Love Dependency Status


Kodo Kojo is licensed under GNU General Public License v3.


Step 0: Requirement

Kodo kojo use Docker to run integration tests. So you may need to get Docker and Git to build Kodo kojo.

Step 1 : Clone this repository

git clone
cd kodokojo

Step 2 : Build

Kodo kojo will try to access to some containers, like Redis or himself (to test HTTP REST endpoint) to run integration test. In this case, Kodo kojoneed to know her Public IP. Kodo kojo use environment variable DOCKER_HOST_IP to create done is request. The default value of DOCKER_HOST_IP is localhost.

If you use Docker from a Mac with docker-machine, please export public IP of your virtual machine like :


If you use Docker from Docker for Mac, you don't need to configure this value since Docker for Mac NAT your container from your localhost loopback.


This script will try to run tests and build a kodokojo/kodokojo Docker image. You may find the same script on the Kodo Kojo UI repository to build the UI...

Supported software factory tools


Want to contribute? That's great! Feel free to read our Contribution page to know our guidelines.

You may find help on our Gitter channel if needed. Don't be afraid to ask.

Go further

The following diagram describes how Kodo Kojo and its components will be deployed:

Kodo Kojo Architecture

HA Proxy will be managed by kodokojo-haproxy-agent which is registered on Zookeeper. This will allow the HA Proxy configuration to be updated when a Marathon state changes.


We apologize you to visit our Public Trello roadmap which allow you to vot to your favorite features. If a feature not exist, don't hesitated to create an issue.

Stay tuned

Stay tuned by following us on:

Technology inside

We use the following tests tools:

Thanks to all those Open source projects which made such a project possible!