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Stardeus Mod Template

This is a mod template for Stardeus.

It should be the definitive example for anything moddable in this game, and will be extended over time to contain at least one example of any moddable aspect.

See subfolders for more readme files on how to create Artwork, and Definitions.

Best place to ask questions about modding Stardeus is on Stardeus Discord, #stardeus-modding channel.

GitHub Repository

IMPORTANT! If you downloaded this mod from Stardeus Steam Workshop, please check the official GitHub Repository instead. It will most likely have a newer, more up to date version of the mod template.

The repository is here:

Stardeus Modding Series on YouTube

Here's a playlist of the official Stardeus Modding series on YouTube:

Subscribe to and use the bell icon to get notified about new videos.

How to compile a mod DLL with your code

If you're on Linux, please refer to Linux Build Instruction instead.

  1. Make a copy of "stardeus-mod-template" folder, rename it to something else.
  2. Edit ModInfo.json and change the Id, Name, Description and other fields.
  3. Remove the SteamWorkshopItemId file.
  4. Edit .vscode/mod.csproj line 14 to set the name of the DLL file your mod will produce.
  5. Edit .vscode/mod.csproj line 31 to work with your system.
  6. Edit .vscode/launch.json line 15 to work with your system.
  7. Move the folder to the Mods directory near your Saves. You can open the folder from Stardeus itself, through Main Menu > Mods > About Mods > Open User Mods Directory.
  8. Open the folder with Visual Studio Code.
  9. Press F5 to compile the DLL file and run Stardeus.
  10. Once Stardeus starts, you should see your mod listed and enabled in Main Menu > Mods.

You may need to examine what's in .vscode directory and modify / create new scripts there accordingly to what would work on your OS.

How to upload your mod to Steam Workshop

Before uploading, please read the STARDEUS MOD CREATOR AGREEMENT part in Stardeus EULA: - you must agree to these terms if are publishing your mod on Steam Workshop, or anywhere else.

When your mod is ready, you can share it with the world by uploading it to the Steam Workshop.

Initial Upload

  1. Make sure you have removed any unnecessary files and folders from the mod, including, .vscode, .git, Artwork, Blender files, any unused files from the mod template, etc
  2. Remove the SteamWorkshopItemId file.
  3. Edit the ModInfo.json and change the SteamWorkshop from false to true.
  4. Make sure you have changed the ModCover.jpg and removed any unnecessary files that were in the template.
  5. Run Stardeus through Steam and open Main Menu > Mods > Your Mod.
  6. Press the Upload to Steam Workshop button.
  7. A confirmation popup will appear shortly.

Updating Your Mod

  1. Do not delete or change the SteamWorkshopItemId file, it has your mod steam id
  2. Make changes to the mod, rebuild the DLL if necessary
  3. Run Stardeus through Steam
  4. Go to Main Menu > Mods > Your Mod and press the Upload to Steam Workshop button
  5. A confirmation popup will appear shortly.

You can only update the mod if your Steam user is the creator and if the mod is inside the User mods folder, not downloaded through Steam Workshop.


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