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Fixes the line-endings of the specified file(s). The line-ending used can be specified via the command-line.

You can fix a file at a time or use wildcards; even multiple file patterns. For instance:

$ fixeol /r *.css *.js

will fix the line endings of all .css and .js files in the current and all sub-directories.


  feol.exe [options] [commands] [-file] "filename"

     file      the full filename of the file to manipulate.
               file or feol_file (below) is required.


     /eol[=rn|n]        override the default eol settings of the operating system.


     /v /verbose        output additional details (default:false)
     /b /backup         backup (default:false)
     /r /recurse        apply the file pattern(s) to the current
                        and all sub-directories (default:false)
     /p /pause          pause when finished (default:false)

     /set               displays the current environment variables
                        then exits. All other options are ignored.

     *use ! to set any option to opposite value. overrides environment variables.
      for example use /!v to not use verbose.

  environment variables:

     feol_file=filename           sets -file "filename"
     feol_verbose=true|false      sets /v or /!v
     feol_pause=true|false        sets /pause or /!pause

     *command-line arguments override environment variables