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bot for pentamedia

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python-jabberbot (requires python-xmpp)

a stylish xmpp-based bot serving pentamedia with your data and pentamedia data for you.

First of all, it shall be able to receive news for our monthly pentaradio show (supposed format: "!add <url> <your text> <#yourtag>").

Later features commands like "!latest #[radio|cast|music]" could serve you with the latest links available.

Comments (for registered users) could be added as well.

Also stats could be offered: "!stats $showname"

But first of all: News adding. Because via pentasubmitter, it's a pain in the arse.
Hopefully this will be done by the end of the weekend.

The bot will be (hopefully) available soon, just make friends with

For comments (either mail or xmpp): koeart <at - remove this> zwoelfelf <dot - this too> net.
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