a simple but quite powerful spellchecking library for GTK written in pure Python
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Python GTK Spellcheck

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Python GTK Spellcheck is a simple but quite powerful spellchecking library for GTK written in pure Python. It's spellchecking component is based on Enchant and it supports both GTK bindings (PyGObject, PyGTK) as well as Python 3 and 2.


  • spellchecking based on Enchant for GtkTextViews
  • support for word, line and multiple line ignore regular expressions
  • PyGObject and PyGtk (automatic detection) as well as Python 3 and 2 compatible
  • localized names of the available languages based on ISO-Codes
  • support for custom ignore tags and hot swap of GtkTextBuffers
  • enable and disable of spellchecking with preferences memory
  • support for Hunspell (LibreOffice) and Aspell (GNU) dictionaries
  • supports extraction of dictionaries out of LibreOffice extension files
  • legacy API for Python GtkSpell

Python GTK Spellcheck Screenshot


  • Nested Editor: “Specialized editor for structured documents.”
  • Cherry Tree: “A hierarchical note taking application, […].”
  • Zim: “Zim is a graphical text editor used to maintain a collection of wiki pages.”
  • REMARKABLE: “The best markdown editor for Linux and Windows.”
  • RedNotebook: “RedNotebook is a modern journal.”
  • Reportbug: “Reports bugs in the Debian distribution.”
  • UberWriter: “UberWriter is a writing application for markdown.”


Version numbers follow Semantic Versioning. However version change from 3 to 4 pertains only API incompatible changes in oxt_extract and not the spellchecking component.


The documentation is available at Read the Docs.