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Python GTK Spellchecker

A simple but quite powerful spellchecking library written in pure Python for Gtk based on Enchant. It supports PyGObject as well as PyGtk for Python 2 and 3 with automatic switching and binding detection. For automatic translation of the user interface it can use Gedit’s translation files.


  • localized names of the available languages
  • supports word, line and multiple line ignore regular expressions
  • supports ignore custom tags on GtkTextBuffer
  • enable and disable of spellchecking with preferences memory
  • supports hotswap of GtkTextBuffers
  • PyGObject and PyGtk compatible with automatic detection
  • Python 2 and 3 supportas Enchant, support for Hunspell (LibreOffice) and Aspell (GNU) dictionaries
  • extract dictionaries out of LibreOffice extension files
  • legacy API for Python GtkSpell

API Reference

.. autoclass:: gtkspellcheck.spellcheck.SpellChecker

.. autoclass:: gtkspellcheck.spellcheck.NoDictionariesFound

.. autoclass:: gtkspellcheck.spellcheck.NoGtkBindingFound

Deprecated API Reference


The following functions are deprecated since version 4.0.5, they will be removed from "pygtkspellcheck" in 5.0.

.. autofunction:: pylocales.code_to_name

.. autofunction:: gtkspellcheck.oxt_extract.extract

.. autofunction:: gtkspellcheck.oxt_extract.batch_extract

.. autoclass:: gtkspellcheck.oxt_extract.BadXml

.. autoclass:: gtkspellcheck.oxt_extract.BadExtensionFile

.. autoclass:: gtkspellcheck.oxt_extract.ExtractPathIsNoDirectory


Development happens at GitHub.

git clone git://

Download last sources in a ZIP or Tarball file.


Checkout the official project website for additional information.



PyGtkSpellcheck is released under GPLv3 or at your opinion any later version.