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Python GTK Spellchecker

A simple but quite powerful spellchecking library written in pure Python for Gtk based on Enchant. It supports PyGObject as well as PyGtk for Python 2 and 3 with automatic switching and binding detection. For automatic translation of the user interface it can use Gedit’s translation files.


  • localized names of the available languages
  • supports word, line and multiple line ignore regular expressions
  • supports ignore custom tags on GtkTextBuffer
  • enable and disable of spellchecking with preferences memory
  • supports hotswap of GtkTextBuffers
  • PyGObject and PyGtk compatible with automatic detection
  • Python 2 and 3 supportas Enchant, support for Hunspell (LibreOffice) and Aspell (GNU) dictionaries
  • extract dictionaries out of LibreOffice extension files
  • legacy API for Python GtkSpell

API Reference

Deprecated API Reference


The following functions are deprecated since version 4.0.5, they will be removed from "pygtkspellcheck" in 5.0.


Development happens at GitHub.

git clone git://

Download last sources in a ZIP or Tarball file.


Checkout the official project website for additional information.



PyGtkSpellcheck is released under GPLv3 or at your opinion any later version.