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chunkwm-border configuration index

config settings

set border color
chunkc set focused_border_color 0xAARRGGBB
set border width
chunkc set focused_border_width 4
set border radius
chunkc set focused_border_radius 4
set border position
chunkc set focused_border_outline <option>
<option>: 1 | 0
skip border for floating windows and desktops
chunkc set focused_border_skip_floating <option>
<option>: 1 | 0
skip border for monocle desktops
chunkc set focused_border_skip_monocle  <option>
<option>: 1 | 0

runtime commands

change border color
chunkc border::color 0xAARRGGBB
change border width
chunkc border::width 8
clear border
chunkc border::clear