Modal hotkey daemon for macOS
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NOTE: Khd is no longer maintained! See skhd for an up-to-date and maintained alternative

Khd is a simple modal hotkey-daemon for MacOS, using Quartz Event Services.

Khd must have access to the Accessibility API, or be ran as root.

Secure Keyboard Entry must be disabled for Khd to receive key-events.

See sample config for syntax information.

See #1 for information regarding keycodes.


A codesigned binary release is available through Homebrew

  brew install koekeishiya/formulae/khd

Manage Khd using brew services

  brew services start khd

Location of logs

  stdout -> /tmp/khd.out
  stderr -> /tmp/khd.err



-v | --version: Print version number to stdout
    khd -v

-c | --config: Specify location of config file
    khd -c ~/.khdrc

-e | --emit: Emit text to an already running instance of Khd
    khd -e "mode activate default"

-w | --write: Simulate a sequence of keystrokes
    khd -w "this text will be printed by generating key-up/down events"

-p | --press: Simulate a keypress (parsed just like <keysym>)
    khd -p "cmd - right"

Interactive commands:

# print active mode
khd -e "print mode"

# activate a mode
khd -e "mode activate my_mode"

# reload config
khd -e "reload"


Khd will load the configuration file $HOME/.khdrc, unless otherwise specified.

See sample config for syntax information.

See #1 for information regarding keycodes.

Customize key-related settings:

# modifier only binds consist of the sequence mod_pressed -> mod_released
# and must be performed within a given timeframe.
# the following specifies the timeout (in seconds) to be used.
khd mod_trigger_timeout 0.1

# when 'default' mode is NOT active, any key-combination that
# does not correspond to a valid bind will be suppressed.
# this is enabled by default, and must be explicitly set to 'off'.
khd void_unlisted_bind off

Customize mode settings:

# enable prefix mode
khd mode my_mode prefix on

# specify prefix timeout
khd mode my_mode timeout 0.75

# activate mode on timeout (defaults to 'default')
khd mode my_mode restore some_other_mode

# execute "command" using "$SHELL -c" when this mode is activated
khd mode my_mode on_enter command


Build Khd

  make install      # release version
  make              # debug version