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import os
import codecs
import logging
import hashlib
import mime
from .utils import compressString, getURLHeaders, fileSize
class File(object):
CACHE_EXPIRATION = 60 * 60 * 24 # 24 hours
COMPRESS_TYPES = ['html', 'css', 'js', 'txt', 'xml']
COMPRESS_MIN_SIZE = 1024 # 1kb
def __init__(self, site, path): = site
self.path = path
self.paths = {
'full': os.path.join(site.path, 'build', self.path)
def data(self):
if not hasattr(self, '_data'):
f = open(self.paths['full'], 'r')
self._data =
return self._data
def payload(self):
The representation of the data that should be uploaded to the
server. This might be compressed based on the content type and size.
if not self.shouldCompress():
if not hasattr(self, '_compressedData'):
self._compressedData = compressString(
return self._compressedData
def checksum(self):
An amazon compatible md5 of the payload data.
return hashlib.md5(self.payload()).hexdigest()
def remoteChecksum(self):
return getURLHeaders(self.remoteURL()).get('etag', '').strip('"')
def remoteURL(self):
return 'http://%s/%s' % ('aws-bucket-website'), self.path)
def extension(self):
return os.path.splitext(self.path)[1].strip('.').lower()
def shouldCompress(self):
if not self.extension() in self.COMPRESS_TYPES:
return False
if len( < self.COMPRESS_MIN_SIZE:
return False
return True
def upload(self, bucket):
headers = {'Cache-Control': 'max-age=%s' % self.CACHE_EXPIRATION}
if self.shouldCompress():
headers['Content-Encoding'] = 'gzip'
changed = self.checksum() != self.remoteChecksum()
if changed:
key = bucket.new_key(self.path)
mimeType = mime.guess(self.path)
if mimeType: key.content_type = mimeType
key.set_contents_from_string(self.payload(), headers, policy='public-read')
op1 = '+' if changed else '-'
op2 = ' (%s compressed)' % (fileSize(len(self.payload()))) if self.shouldCompress() else '''%s %s - %s%s' % (op1, self.path, fileSize(len(, op2))
return {'changed': changed, 'size': len(self.payload())}
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