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cactus create --skeleton=/path/to/my/templates #43

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Joe Germuska
Joe Germuska

Cactus looks pretty cool, but part of what we're looking for when we found it is a way to consistently start projects with a common base template, CSS/JS stuff, etc.

I'm considering implementing something that passes options to cactus create to support this. My thought is first, to replace the simple CLI parsing with (argparse)[], and then to pass options to the create method. I'm guessing one option would be a completely alternative root, which would be used in place of the 'skeleton' dir in the package distribution (or possibly in addition to? opinions on that?) and maybe another set of options that would allow people to override only some of those directories. Probably something like:
cactus create --pages=/path/to/pages --static=/path/to/static
where only the specified dirs would be copied.

It would also be neat if you could pull the files from a URL like you can with ( startproject [] -- although that seems challenging.

anyway, thought I'd throw this out before I get too far in case people have opinions or objections. Not that I wouldn't do it, but i wouldn't worry about making a pull request which would be accepted....

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