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Better error for scroll component

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Koen Bok committed Feb 8, 2016
1 parent 094286c commit 0564c0e46657bfd5c3f65d33b8b84587a83f8f6f
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@@ -268,7 +268,7 @@ class exports.ScrollComponent extends Layer
scrollToLayer: (contentLayer, originX=0, originY=0, animate=true, animationOptions={curve:"spring(500,50,0)"}) ->

if contentLayer and contentLayer.parent isnt @content
throw Error("This layer is not in the scroll component content")
throw Error("Can't scroll to this layer because it's not in the ScrollComponent. Add it to the content like layer.parent = scroll.content.")

if not contentLayer or @content.children.length == 0
scrollPoint = {x:0, y:0}

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