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Renamed parameters to properties

Signed-off-by: Niels van Hoorn <>
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nvh committed Sep 15, 2016
1 parent 40b20be commit 07040f244b0d3548fa98521938ca4f1ef44a132f
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@@ -35,19 +35,19 @@ evaluateRelativeProperty = (target, k, v) ->

class exports.Animation extends BaseClass

_.defaults(options, parameters.options)
# 'properties' are the layer properties that will be animated
# 'options' are the animationOptions for this animation
# It's also possible to provide options through an 'options' key in the 'properties object'
constructor: (properties={}, options={}) ->
_.defaults(options, properties.options)

delete parameters.options
delete properties.options
@options = _.cloneDeep Defaults.getDefaults "Animation", options
super parameters
@layer = parameters.layer ? null
@properties = Animation.filterAnimatableProperties(parameters)
super properties
@layer = properties.layer ? null
@properties = Animation.filterAnimatableProperties(properties)

if parameters.origin
if properties.origin
console.warn "Animation.origin: please use layer.originX and layer.originY"


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