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Update the way Importer handles artboards

- Reset the top/left of artboards to always be 0, 0
- Keep the original artboard positions
- Always make the artboards visible
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Koen Bok
Koen Bok committed Dec 16, 2015
1 parent 9bfae6d commit 0ac463da7d436fd2fb90322e053566282d6ea1a5
Showing with 39 additions and 11 deletions.
  1. +39 −11 framer/
@@ -37,12 +37,16 @@ class exports.Importer

# Pass one. Create all layers build the hierarchy (layerItemInfo) =>
@_createLayer layerItemInfo

# Pass two. Adjust position on screen for all layers
# based on the hierarchy.
for layer in @_createdLayers
@_correctLayer layer

# Pass three, correct artboard positions, and reset top left
# to the minimum x, y of all artboards

# Pass three, insert the layers into the dom
# (they were not inserted yet because of the shadow keyword)
@@ -82,12 +86,12 @@ class exports.Importer
backgroundColor: null
visible: info.visible ? true

_.extend layerInfo, @extraLayerProperties
_.extend(layerInfo, @extraLayerProperties)

# Most layers will have an image, add that here
if info.image
layerInfo.frame = info.image.frame
layerInfo.image = Utils.pathJoin @path, info.image.path
layerInfo.image = Utils.pathJoin(@path, info.image.path)

# If there is a mask on this layer group, take its frame
if info.maskFrame
@@ -109,7 +113,7 @@ class exports.Importer
layerInfo.superLayer = superLayer

# We can create the layer here
layer = new LayerClass layerInfo
layer = new LayerClass(layerInfo) =

# Record the imported path for layers (for the inferencer)
@@ -127,29 +131,53 @@ class exports.Importer
if not layer.image and not info.children.length and not info.maskFrame
layer.frame = Utils.frameZero()

_.clone(info.children).reverse().map (info) => @_createLayer info, layer
_.clone(info.children).reverse().map (info) =>
@_createLayer(info, layer)

# Not really sure what this was for, but I don't want to touch it now
if not layer.image and not info.maskFrame
layer.frame = layer.contentFrame()

layer._info = info

@_createdLayers.push layer
@_createdLayersByName[] = layer

_correctArtboards: (layers) ->

points = []

for layer in layers
if layer._info.kind is "artboard"
# We don't have to scale this, because the artboard positions are always in pixels.
layer.frame = layer._info.layerFrame
layer.visible = true

# Calculate the artboard positions to always be 0,0.
pointOffset =
x: Math.min.apply(@, (p) -> p.x)
y: Math.min.apply(@, (p) -> p.y)

# Correct the layers
for layer in layers
if layer._info.kind is "artboard"
layer.x -= pointOffset.x
layer.y -= pointOffset.y

_correctLayer: (layer) ->

traverse = (layer) ->

if layer.superLayer
layer.frame = Utils.convertPoint layer.frame, null, layer.superLayer
layer.frame = Utils.convertPoint(layer.frame, null, layer.superLayer)

for subLayer in layer.subLayers
traverse subLayer

if not layer.superLayer
traverse layer

exports.Importer.load = (path, scale=1) ->
importer = new exports.Importer(path, scale)

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