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Merge pull request #517 from daneden/patch-1

Prevent rounding bug in LayerDraggable
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nvh committed Jun 15, 2017
2 parents 582d861 + e684e93 commit 0c93b70c97148b142866262716e9fd329207ae5b
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@@ -249,8 +249,8 @@ class exports.LayerDraggable extends BaseClass

# Align every drag to pixels
if @pixelAlign
point.x = parseInt(point.x) if @horizontal
point.y = parseInt(point.y) if @vertical
point.x = Math.round(point.x) if @horizontal
point.y = Math.round(point.y) if @vertical

# While we update the layer position ourselves, we don't want
# to trigger the updater for external changes.
@@ -531,7 +531,7 @@ class exports.LayerDraggable extends BaseClass
return unless @_simulation

# Round the end position to whole pixels
@layer[axis] = parseInt(@layer[axis]) if @pixelAlign
@layer[axis] = Math.round(@layer[axis]) if @pixelAlign

# See if both simulators are stopped
if @_simulation.x.finished() and @_simulation.y.finished()

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