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Only update the value when the knob is moved, not when the frame is c…

…hanged in another way.
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eelco committed May 6, 2016
1 parent 94e779d commit 0e4aac05d9169023244d69fb1fe9d361e96a2bca
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@@ -86,7 +86,10 @@ class exports.SliderComponent extends Layer
@on("change:borderRadius", @_setRadius)
@knob.on("change:size", @_updateKnob)
@knob.on("change:frame", @_updateFill)
@knob.on("change:frame", @_updateValue)

# Only update the value on move events, not on frame change (to prevent events loop)
@knob.on Events.Move, =>

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koenbok May 10, 2016


Hmm you reverted this later, but there is a typo here, you don't call the function.

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eelco May 10, 2016

Author Collaborator

Hmm, good catch 😖 Maybe it wasn’t a bad fix then after all. I reverted because I realized I might have broken a lot of stuff when I started testing some examples.

The question is mainly what’s desired behavior: should the SliderComponent emit change events when the knob is programatically, or not? The case for not doing it is that usually you don’t need the event, because you actually changed it (you could still force the event if needed) and that it can cause problems in the case of using the slider as a progress bar for audio/video players.


@sliderOverlay.on(Events.TapStart, @_touchStart)
@sliderOverlay.on(Events.TapEnd, @_touchEnd)

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