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Updated animateTo for state switching

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nvh committed Sep 15, 2016
1 parent 3249596 commit 1047b3798d25254da1e6b9e7a5a19f8c7e5f5413
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@@ -891,21 +891,45 @@ class exports.Layer extends BaseClass
@animateTo(properties, options)

animateTo: (properties,options={}) ->
if typeof properties == 'string'
stateName = properties
properties = @states[stateName]
if not properties?
throw Error "No such state: '#{stateName}'"
#Switch the state
@states.emit(Events.StateWillSwitch, @states.currentName, stateName, @)
@states._currentName = stateName

delete properties.options = Animation.filterAnimatableProperties(properties)
animatableProperties = Animation.filterAnimatableProperties(properties)
nonAnimatableKeys = _.difference(_.keys(properties),_.keys(animatableProperties))
nonAnimatableProperties = _.pick(_.clone(properties),nonAnimatableKeys) = animatableProperties
options.layer = @

start = options.start
start ?= true
delete options.start

if options.instant
console.log animatableProperties,nonAnimatableProperties
instant = options.instant ? false
if instant
options.animate = false
delete options.instant

animation = new Animation options
animation.start() if start
animationFinished = =>
for k, v of nonAnimatableProperties
@[k] = v
# If we changed the state, we send the event that we did
if stateName? and _.last(@_previousStates) isnt stateName
@states.emit(Events.StateDidSwitch, _.last(@states._previousStates), @states.currentName, @)
animation.once Events.AnimationStop, animationFinished
started = animation.start() if start
if not started
# If the animation didn't start (e.g. because there are no properties to animate), call the finished handler ourselves

animations: ->

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