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Improve color equality check

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Jonas Treub
Jonas Treub committed Jun 28, 2017
1 parent e42c966 commit 266546df48dae55433f8f1ed8e85002669f56364
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@@ -303,10 +303,10 @@ class exports.Color extends BaseClass
colorA = new Color(colorA)
colorB = new Color(colorB)

return false if colorA.r isnt colorB.r
return false if colorA.g isnt colorB.g
return false if colorA.b isnt colorB.b
return false if colorA.a isnt colorB.a
return false if Math.round(colorA.r) isnt Math.round(colorB.r)
return false if Math.round(colorA.g) isnt Math.round(colorB.g)
return false if Math.round(colorA.b) isnt Math.round(colorB.b)
return false if Math.round(colorA.a) isnt Math.round(colorB.a)
return true

@rgbToHsl: (a, b, c) ->

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