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Adhere to defaults

Also set what's importable, cleanup of constuctor to set proxied
properties last.
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koenbok committed May 1, 2016
1 parent 1ec226d commit 29857bb4c416a9d72f5fe920769e65630d9b80da
Showing with 9 additions and 13 deletions.
  1. +9 −13 framer/Components/
@@ -3,6 +3,7 @@ Utils = require "../Utils"

{Layer} = require "../Layer"
{Events} = require "../Events"
{Defaults} = require "../Defaults"

@@ -53,13 +54,13 @@ EventMappers[Events.DirectionLockStart] = Events.DirectionLockStart
class exports.ScrollComponent extends Layer

# Proxy properties directly from the draggable
@define "velocity", @proxyProperty "content.draggable.velocity", importable: false
@define "velocity", @proxyProperty("content.draggable.velocity", {importable: false, exportable: false})
@define "scrollHorizontal", @proxyProperty("content.draggable.horizontal")
@define "scrollVertical", @proxyProperty("content.draggable.vertical")
@define "speedX", @proxyProperty("content.draggable.speedX")
@define "speedY", @proxyProperty("content.draggable.speedY")
@define "isDragging", @proxyProperty "content.draggable.isDragging", importable: false
@define "isMoving", @proxyProperty "content.draggable.isMoving", importable: false
@define "isDragging", @proxyProperty("content.draggable.isDragging", {importable: false, exportable: false})
@define "isMoving", @proxyProperty("content.draggable.isMoving", {importable: false, exportable: false})
@define "propagateEvents", @proxyProperty("content.draggable.propagateEvents")
@define "directionLock", @proxyProperty("content.draggable.directionLock")
@define "directionLockThreshold", @proxyProperty("content.draggable.directionLockThreshold")
@@ -73,19 +74,15 @@ class exports.ScrollComponent extends Layer

constructor: (options={}) ->

# options.backgroundColor ?= null
options.clip ?= true
options.mouseWheelEnabled ?= false
options.backgroundColor ?= null

super options
super Defaults.getDefaults("ScrollComponent", options)

@_contentInset = options.contentInset or Utils.rectZero()
@setContentLayer(new Layer)

# Because we did not have a content layer before, we want to re-apply
# the options again so everything gets configures properly.
# Only at this point we can set all the proxy properties, because before
# this the content layer did not exist. So we have to apply those again.


if options.hasOwnProperty("wrap")
@@ -107,7 +104,6 @@ class exports.ScrollComponent extends Layer
width: Math.max(@width, contentFrame.x + contentFrame.width)
height: Math.max(@height, contentFrame.y + contentFrame.height)

setContentLayer: (layer) ->

# Sets the content layer if you happen to want to replace the default one

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